About the Blog

The Oddball Technical Blog is the result of the thought "Hrm, I should blog again."

Once upon a time, Horst Günther Burkhardt had a LiveJournal. You can probably find the person he was two decades ago if you're particularly diligent, as the internet never truly forgets.

Now, Horst writes about weird technical stuff. As a professional technician, and an aspirant engineer, there's plenty of cursed stuff to go around, and plenty of thoughts to share.

Get the Brain Cell

By reading the Oddball Technical Blog, you deprive a poor orange cat of precious time with The Brain Cell, thus ensuring that orange cats cannot become too powerful.

You may also develop an appreciation for what happens when other engineers have accidentally not used enough time with The Brain Cell.

This meeting could be an e-mail!

Theoretically, you can subscribe to this site and have new posts pushed to your e-mail address. One day, I'll probably set that up. I'm hopeful that instead, an RSS reader would be able to deal with content better - I don't like digitally littering.

Hrm, I could do this...

If you're particularly fond of the masochism that comes with Systems Administration, I'm self-hosting publication software called Ghost. In production, it needs Node.js and MySQL to work, but you can convince it to work with SQLite3. Ghost can also be hosted on other service providers, and the developers offer commercial support if you need to do something truly bizarre.

Theoretically, you can also set it up to function as a platform where you can provide subscription access, if you wished to commercialise your writing. The default "About" page for Ghost calls your site "an independent publication launched by <yourname> on <installdate>"; perhaps you'll be the next Vogue. Or, just another voice screaming into the digital void.